Rockley Park

Approach Rockly Boat Park via Blandford Road, it is better to not use the old Poole bridge, in favour of Twin Sails bridge, or the A35 approach end.

Coming from the A35 end, do not turn into Lake Road, there is a small tunnel and you won’t get the boat trailers though.

Instead they use Ashmore Avenue opposite the library.

Ashmore Avenue naturally changes into Lulworth Avenue, then at the T-junction of Lulworth Avenue and Lake Road by The Yachtsman pub turn right but to be careful of the small black bollard on the corner of the road.

Drive past the pub and take the immediate left up Napier Road.

At the roundabout, turn right to Rockly Park and Marine Camp, then go straight into Rockley Park, directly ahead at the roundabout at the entrance and follow the road all the way down to the boat park.